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E.L. The Sax said:
A friend of mines is going to interlochen (congrats curt!) so it got me thinking about going to one maybe next year or the next(almost a 10th grader). i'm hoping to learn some jazz, because i'm not getting any of that from school. but having both classical and jazz (maybe other styles?) would be best. ones that specialize in saxophones would be great as well. a HUGE downside to going to any camp would be the fact that i'm in hawaii .__. far far away from the rest of the world. i'm going to try to do what i can to better myself here in the islands, but thought i should consider the future. many thanks ahead!
well, there is the Monterey Jazz Festival Summer Camp, its great for players ranging from 7th to 12th grade, and it is hosted by several renown jazz teachers as well as the artist in residence (two years ago it was branford marsalis, last year it was kurt elling, and this year its going to be terence blanchard)
its just an idea, but its in california. Also, there is a camp down at University of California-Staninslaus, which has a decent jazz camp....just some ideas ;)
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