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You'll probably be better off with commercially-produced anti-tarnish strips/bags.
Camphor wood is a traditional method of preventing tarnish on silver, but it tends to rely on there being a sealed cabinet/box made of the stuff.
Certainly wouldn't hurt to try - you can buy small balls of the stuff which you can keep in the accessory compartment of the horn's case.


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Posssibly not good to overdo camphor in your life, and if you are using the blocks or balls, keep them away from access to children.

"In larger quantities, it is poisonous when ingested and can cause seizures, confusion, irritability, and neuromuscular hyperactivity. In extreme cases, even topical application of camphor may lead to hepatotoxicity.[15] [16] Lethal doses in adults are in the range 50-500 mg/kg (orally). Generally, two grams cause serious toxicity and four grams are potentially lethal.[17]"


It's been pretty much removed from the market here.

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Thanks for the insight Gordon, I have been in Maui several weeks and am returning to Dallas with quantities of a number of different species of lumber... Many of these are toxic to some if not many people in the form of dust! I had heard anecdotal stories of camphor wood used w/ silver tableware... BTW I have some Pilu Larus grown here in Maui that is native to New Zealand, I believe used for fence posts that with the Maui climate grows huge trees and has a pressure ripple crazy grain that is light yellow and bulletproof!
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