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Called back out of retirement ;)

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"Just when you think you're out.....they pull you back in again". It's kind of funny, but the touring band I played with 15 years ago has needed a sub for their ailing horn player - they're still together after all these years. I have not played regularly for over 10 years. They called me for a few shows and next thing you know I'm doing some pretty big shows (for me that is). Opening for "Toots and the Maytals" 2 nights and "Huey Lewis and the News" for another. The News show is at the 5,000 seat Bank of America Pavilion in Boston. I'm having much more fun now than when I played for a living.
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Glad it's a positive thing for you. I have nightmares about getting called back with one of the bands I used to work with.
Amen. I shudder to think of what our "chick" lead singer looks like these days (30 years later). She looked like Stevie Nicks back then... Hmmm, Stevie looks a lil' rougher these days too. In fairness, I've added 30 pounds and lost my hair in the meantime.
Couldn't resist revisiting this ancient post as I am about to hang up my day gig and get back to playing and doing other non 9-5 things. Happy to say that I kept playing with the band these last 3 years and this June we are headed to Europe for a 2 week run. Finally ran out of gas for the incessant politics and BS I have been getting at the day gig and am right on the cusp of finishing negotiations on a very nice exit package. Here we go again...
Thanks for checking in. I'm signing up for retirement benefits info sessions and getting ever closer to the door. I'm looking forward to moving to a college town and getting into a fresh music scene. I've no interest in touring but I do love playing in jazz and classical ensembles with motivated musicians. I may get back into playing some loud blues/rock on electric guitar again too.
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