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Called back out of retirement ;)

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"Just when you think you're out.....they pull you back in again". It's kind of funny, but the touring band I played with 15 years ago has needed a sub for their ailing horn player - they're still together after all these years. I have not played regularly for over 10 years. They called me for a few shows and next thing you know I'm doing some pretty big shows (for me that is). Opening for "Toots and the Maytals" 2 nights and "Huey Lewis and the News" for another. The News show is at the 5,000 seat Bank of America Pavilion in Boston. I'm having much more fun now than when I played for a living.
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I didn't know that their horn player was ailing. Last I saw tim I worked a bill with them it was Hilary Noble and a younger guy (can't remember his name). Hope whoever it is recovers soon and in full health.

Glad to hear you're enjoying being back on the scene. I personally had to ditch the original scene for the private scene in order to tend to the family.
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