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C-melody Conn out of tune

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Hi all C-melody fans!
I have a couple of silver plated Conn straight necks (serial no's within a few thousand in the 137xxx range), and they both have the same problem; The middle C is extremely flat! Using alternate fingering (RH palm key) is a lot better, but still not in tune with the rest. In general the lower stack is sharp and the higher is flat; I can usually compensate for that, but not the C. Necks are original with microtuners, I have a C-mel mouthpiece and use tenor reeds. They are both beautiful instruments but kind of useless right now.
Any ideas?
I've ordered a new C-mel mouthpiece from Aquilasax; anybody have any experience with them? I've also ordered one of his necks and some reeds, so I should probably just wait for his shipment and try them.

Any suggestion is appreciated!
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Aquilasax is great, excellent service etc. etc.

The middle C is fairly common I'm afraid, but using the ballad C isn't that big a deal. as for the Stack, could be a pad angle problem.

Ultimately, saxophones are never going to play in tune. These were made 80 years ago, so it isn't surprising that a little bit of creativity is needed. There are ways to compensate, including mouthpieces, reeds necks etc. etc. etc. I'm sure others more knowledgeable than I will help. Doc Frazier alters the angle that the pads make with the hole when closed, which is supposed to help with intonation.
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