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C+7 (#9) Scale Options Needed

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I climbing into some Bebop-ish material and need some scale options for the C+7 (#9)

I'm sure there's a GO-TO scale that will fit this nicely. I've been running the chord up and down just listening. Now it's time to start finding and fitting some ideas into the sound.

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Lots of other arpeggiated 7th chords will work too:

D-Maj7, Esusb9, Faug, G7+11, A7b13, B-7b5...all derived from the altered scale.
DukeCity said:
Are you sure you're thinking of C+7(#9) and its corresponding altered scale?

Looks like the chords you listed are diatonic to D melodic minor, and could work over C#+7(#9).
Duke, you got me! I was certainly thinking C#7alt instead of C7alt.

In which case it should Db-Maj7, Ebsusb9, Fbaug (Eaug), Gb7+11, Ab7b13, Bb-7b5, C7alt...
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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