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C+7 (#9) Scale Options Needed

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I climbing into some Bebop-ish material and need some scale options for the C+7 (#9)

I'm sure there's a GO-TO scale that will fit this nicely. I've been running the chord up and down just listening. Now it's time to start finding and fitting some ideas into the sound.

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Is the 7 b7 or maj7? I mean, is the C+7 basically the same as C7b13? If it is you can use altered scale. If it is maj7 then altered with maj7 has an interesting sound (which is rarely used in "standard" jazz). This mainly depends on the context, for example the +5 (or b13) might be a passing note and you might want to use that in this context.

I don't really play much of this type of music anymore (i.e. improvise over a chord progression) but when I did and I was just starting I was taught in the beginning to think of the scales which fit the chords. IMO that wasn't a great method. What really helped is when I stopped thinking of the scales, and started thinking on specific notes that I want to use in specific places, and where they come from and where they continue, etc.

I hope this helps!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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