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Buying new sax, any suggestions?

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I am a student in highschool and im looking at buying a new saxophone. I've been playing a Keilwerth ST 90 alto for 3 years, this coming 4. I really like my saxophone but its 7 years old and i've had an overhaul and its started to have a few problems here and there. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for me, im looking at buying a higher end saxophone with not to much of a switch from my Keilwerth. I like my Keilwerth, I like how it 'feels' and how it sounds. Just browsing I bumped into the Keilwerth SX90R, does anyone know anything about this sax?
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If you like what you have, then just get it fixed. All those 50 year old Selmer MkVIs didnt last this long without regular trips to a technician, and anything you buy new will also need regular adjustment.

Can you really justify spending 2 or 3 thousand on a new(ish) horn?

If you think its worth it, the SX90Rs are fine horns, but with terrible depreciation. I wouldn't buy a new one when you can buy a lightly used on for about half as much. Many people dont think the rolled tone holes are worth the premium price, so dont discount a regular SX90 is you can find one.

B&S horns have a certain keilwerthyness to them, and are much better value in my biased opinion. They were made in the same area of Germany, and when production stopped in 2005, many of the artisans joined Keilwerth. The 2001, various stencils, and the later revision "Medusa" can be found for between $1000-1500, and are all fantastic horns.
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