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New York prices tend to be a bit higher than elsewhere in the States, but if you're "happy to travel around the states," you could do a lot worse than to get in touch with Tim Moran up the road in Hamden, CT. He currently has two good-looking Mk.VI tenors at reasonable prices. [email protected].

A bit further afield you have Saxquest in St. Louis, MO. They're honest, provide great service and don't overcharge. I bought my current Mk.VI tenor from them via the mail 5 years ago. It arrived in Australia in perfect condition and hasn't needed any attention since then ! I see they've currently got two Mk.VI tenors on their website,

Then there's Brian Curry at Get-a-sax in N.Carolina - he currently has 9 Mk.VI tenors on his website,

But first of all, read this article: Fourteen sax shops you should visit before you die
It's 10 years old, but mostly still valid. Good luck.
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