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Bought my vi from John, sight unseen off of what John was telling me on the phone. Only thing I knew about the horn was I saw a video of him playing it.

I had three I wanted, the other two were more expensive if I remember. He said "forget those other horns. Trust me, this is the one you want"
I told him how much I'd like it for, he talked to the seller and I bought it. I told him I was worried about mailing it across the country and he constantly reassured me and made sure I was comfortable.
I asked him what case it was coming in, said it was a vintage and asked what was I looking for. Told him, he said he'll hook me up.

When I say he hooked me up on all accounts, I mean he hooked it up. Best playing horn I've ever experienced, other players say the same thing, he packaged it up like a tank and the case was probably was super clean.

10000000000000000+ for jlwoodwins.
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