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1saxman and whaler are right, 48th street used to be the place back in the day. I remember when Sam Ash had a store on the street that was so small you needed a microscope to find it, the last time I was there, they owned the whole street.

Charles Ponte moved to 46th street and he lived on the top floor of the building, made his own wine up there. He used to look me in the eye and say "you young kids think you got something going for ya, smokin' that LSD, well, this is what you need!" Then he pulled a gallon jug with a cork stopper out from under the counter, full of his home brew wine.

He pulled out a sleeve of small paper cups, filled one and handed it to me. As soon as I drank it he filled it again and by the 3rd or 4th cup, the room was spinning around, he was right, it was powerful stuff. That was the day I gave up smoking that LSD.

But I agree with what was said above, if you are coming to NYC to but a mk6, bring money, lots and lots of money.
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