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Buying- Help???

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Jupiter for a 10 year old??

Another mom buy a sax for a kid. We rented last year before I realized I could have bought used for what I paid to rent. Well learn from mistakes. I have read this forum about buying. I have a specific question about a Jupiter I found-
Used Alto Saxophone Jupiter JAS 669-667 Serial #408186
Very good condition -Purchased in '98 for $734.50 (I still have the sales receipt).
In very good condition
Includes a nice hardly used Pro Tech gig bad with zipper closure. I purchased bag for 90.00 new.
Includes a nice mouthpiece I purchased for 40.00 new.
No dents or major scapes, very nice instrument.
Willing to ship to your location for cost of shipping and insurance.
Selling for 350.00 with everything!

Any HELP? What do you think? THANKS !!!
It is hard buying when you are not musical- I am thrilled my son is into playing. I like to buy something so I can start lesson in summer so he doesn't regress.
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