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Buying/Finding Mouthpiece caps

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I wanted to share my latest tactic for finding mouthpiece caps. I've started buying cheap mouthpiece sets off eBay, Aliexpress, amazon. You can usually can get a set for fat plastic/hard rubber that includes a mouthpiece of questionable quality (tho sometimes good), a usable ligature, a cap, and some mouthpiece pads for $7-15.

Caps are surprisingly pricey for a piece of plastic that looks like a salt or pepper shaker. You can get a pair of these for a couple of bucks, so why are these mouthpiece caps so pricey especially when they lack a bottom and have a cutout portion?

The usability of the mouthpieces is always mixed - some are terrible and completely unusable. Other times, serviceable! (one looks like a copy of a Yamaha 4C - totally playable.)

My latest adventure is I'm looking for caps for my thin metal tenor mouthpieces (2 Guardalas and a Sugal). I found a generic metal tenor mouthpiece for sale for $11 on Amazon. It said last 2 available... so I snapped them up, but it says I won't receive them for several weeks. (I included a link - they had another with a larger tip opening for $45). I have low expectations, but perhaps they'll have good bones for a refacing project? Anyway, $11 for the metal cap (if it fits) would be a score.

Generic Amazon Mpc
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Some years ago I actually cut up a $2.00 plastic flashlight to make a cap for my bass sax mouthpiece (one of the huge ones).
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