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Hello everyone,
I have a Selmer USA AS600 (aristocrat) that I have been playing for give or take 9 years. However, the octave D is very sharp (+50 cents) which seems to be a general saxophone problem. Currently, I am embarking on more advanced saxophone study based on outlines from Tim Price and Michael Furstner. So the first thing I want to do is to ensure that I can play properly in tune, I already play in my church band every Sunday so I generally self-adjust notes that are out of tune (I just don't play perfectly in tune without reference).

The main thing I am concerned about is that several notes on my saxophone is wildly off, that is has intonation of +/-20 cents. Additionally, overtones are also out of tune (e.g. the no key C# is normally about +15-20 cents and the C# overtone octave is about at least +30-40 cents). My plan is to save and buy a used/new tenor Yamaha Custom Z, however I am wondering if a Yamaha 23 (alto $850 used) would be a better instrument for me to practice on until then (instead of my Selmer USA horn).
Note also that I live in the Caribbean so being able to play test is basically not an option (which is also why I prefer to get a Yamaha).

Essentially, my goal is to play tenor/sop sax as my primary instrument(s) and then double on alto but I also want to buy efficiently (that is, if I buy a used pro tenor for $2,500 now, that's $2,500 less towards a used Custom Z later on).

Advice please.
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