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But Not For Me

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C&C welcome

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Thanks, personally I cannot always hear it at first. I played this a few times before settling on this take so maybe I wasn't being attentive enough in the beginning with my tuning. Also I have a (bad) habit of leaving my mouthpiece on the cork so I don't have to think about adjusting it.
Some times it helps to play with a tuner and see that you are at the 0 while the track is going on. Now loosen your embouchure so that you play flat and try to hear what that sounds like without looking at the tuner. Now try to tighten your embouchure until the note sounds perfectly in tune to your ear and then look at the tuner to confirm.

Next do the same thing but tighten the embouchure so it is really sharp. Now, without looking at the tuner, loosen your embouchure until you think the note is perfectly in tune. Then look at the tuner to confirm while you are still playing. The point of this is to get your ears used to hearing what it sounds like when you are sharp, flat or perfectly in tune.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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