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But Not For Me

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Nice take! One thing that I see and hear that you should watch out for is your breathing!

Your breathing sounds a little slow and a little shallow! If you take deeper breaths, deep into your diaphragm, it will do wonders for all of your playing! You have a nice strong color to your tone, more well supported air will bring all of that color to the forefront

I don't have any videos on hand but go on YouTube and find some breathing exercises for vocalist that focus on diaphragm breathing and support! Vocalist pay the most attention to this and they have developed some great exercises that can help anyone learn to breath deeply and efficiently

Keep it up!
Do you have a tuner? I think you will see that you are quite a bit sharp and need to pull out a bit to be near the 0 on the tuner. That first A of the melody is really sharp........
Getting your breath support/ airstream together will also help with the intonation issues. Playing long tones and scales/ patterns/ melodies with a drone and glancing at a tuner to check yourself every-so-often (don't tune with your eyes!!!) will hit lots of areas that are lacking all at once.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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