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Busted pad

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I have recently got a torn pad, LH side Eb. Couldn't be better placed to cause trouble as it obviously affects everything below top E. As a visit to a tech is out of the question for who knows how long I've resorted to Stephen Howard's suggestion of using kitchen wrap which works surprisingly well but does need a fair amount of attention over a few hours playing. I can live with this as I won't be called to play live any time soon but I wondered if there are any suggestions, either alternatives or ways to keep the wretched stuff tight and in place, I'll probably try a wire twist from a package of bread, but I just thought I'd ask. I'm not going to try to replace the pad myself as that way disaster lies.
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Clear packing tape instead of kitchen wrap?
More or less a heavier version of the same thing, but also adhesive.

If you were to *consider* replacing any pad yourself, that would be one of the simplest.
Heat gun is simple enough. Industrial style, or just a hair dryer works.

So is hot melt glue. Pellets, not sticks. And no gun/dispenser.

Basic process:
Remove the key, cleaning the screw and interior of the key rod of old oil and dirt.
Holding key with pliers, heat up with heat gun on low setting and the pad will pop out in 10-15 s.
** Of course, now you need to have the correct size pad on hand **
Clean out the pad cup with a screwdriver, removing old adhesive.
Drop a few of the hot melt pellets into the key cup.
Melt the pellets, holding the key in the pliers again. The goal is to have a light layer of liquid evenly dispersed across the cup.
Put the pad in. The goal is to have the pad pretty level in the HOT cup.
Install the key, lubricating the screw as you install it.

Heat the key cup again, which will allow the pad to self-center.

With a bit of luck, you are done. In a dark room, shine a flashlight down the interior of the sax body to check for leaks. Reheat and adjust as needed.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. But even I can do this. Successfully.
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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