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Bundy 2 Mex-i-conn Horn Comparision

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How would you compare a Selmer Bundy 2 to a Conn Director Shooting Star model ie a Mex-i-Conn horn?

From what I gather, some players like the Bundy 2, while others consider it worthy of contempt.

Apparently the first Selmer Bundy was slightly better.

I am asking these questions because both Bundys and Shooting stars can be had for peanuts on ebay.

I would like to buy an horn for around 80 dollars on ebay which would be adequete for the needs of a beginner. I have never tried either of these horns and I am curious as to what they are like.
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A lot of people hate the mexiconns. The bundy should be better, and the earlier bundy even better (based on the True-Tone I think). But, for around $80, it'll probably need work.
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