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This is a bug that needs to be fixed. Here's how to reproduce it.

  1. Start at:
  2. Log in if you are not automatically logged in when you open the home page
  3. From the menu, choose (Saxophone) Makes and Models
    Observe that you are still logged in
  4. Choose Sax vs. Sax
    At this point you are at this location:
    The Marketplace->Sax vs. Sax, Mpc, etc.

    and you are no longer logged in and cannot post without logging in.
  5. Do not log in, however
  6. Click the browser's Back button
    You are now logged in again and are back at (Saxophone) Makes and Models
  7. Choose Other A-M
    you are still logged in
  8. Choose Misc. Sax Manufacturers (not listed above)
    you get there, but you are no longer logged in.

The bug logs you out when you don't mean to and, in one case, navigates to somewhere other than where the menu indicates you are going. Getting logged out is a bother, because, since I opt to stay logged in even when I exit the browser, I then have to remember where I saved my password and go look it up.

Please fix this bug. Thank you.

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IE and Firefox

I tried to create it using IE and Firefox browsers on Windows and XP and two different accounts. No problems.

If it is a Forum software bug on some browsers or settings, I am not going to worry too much because we are to upgrade the forum platform in a few days.

Thanks for your report, Al.
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