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Buffet SA Serial # question

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I've got a Buffet SA that I'm about to put up for sale - owned it for 30 years. So doing a bit of research for selling, I started digging into just how old this tenor sax is. Well, I've done more digging than I really wanted, and am finding that anything made before '52 seems to not exist officially. Mine is #2165, and most assuredly does exist. Any clues to resources for finding the older #'s? I've gone through around 25-30 sites that all use the same basic list of 1952-present. does show some info about the '40's saxes, but lists the serial #'s as stopping at 1xxx.

Thanks for any input,
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Does it have the ornate bell to body brace like the one in my avator?
yes, looks pretty much the same.
If that is how it looks it is properly called a Dynaction from the early to mid 50's.
Interesting....even though the bell says "SA"? I just took a look at a Dynaction at While the brace is the same, my bell has FAR more ornate engraving on it (although maybe it's just the photo on that webpage). Also, the sheetmetal keyguard looks more like the SA.

That said, if I go this route it solves the serial # question.

Thanks for the replies,
If it has that sharp pointed bell brace it would be the Dynaction. Your serial # is also in the correct range. They did have elaborate engraving. As far as I remember the Dynaction key guards were similar to those on the later Super Dynaction.
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