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Buffet 100 Series Comparison

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What are your thoughts on the Buffet 100 Series?

In particular, where would you place them compared against:
* Bundy
* Beaugnier
* Jupiter
* Yamaha

I am mainly interested in opinions about the alto.
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I have a Buffet 100 alto and think it';s a better built horn than even Yamaha, which makes it far better than the others on your list. In terms of sound, it';s on the darker side. Bundy is the worst of the lot in terms of quality, but the best in terms of sound, to my ears at least.

I paid less than $300 for my Buffet which was as absolute steal. I would not hesitate to pick it over Yamaha if the price was the same.
I have a Beaugnier bass, and it's solidly at the low end of the student range. From the looks of the 37 and 38, they appear the same - nickel keys, cheap springs (not steel needle springs), few adjustments, low end features and quality all the way around. Intonation and tone is nothing to write home about. The seem to have a great reputation, but from the experience I've had with them, I've not been that impressed.

I assume since you already have much better horns in you're signature, you're asking for recommendations for a student?

I'd rank them - Buffet, Yamaha, Jupiter, and a tie for Beaugnier and Bundy. Any of them would serve a student well. I've played Buffet and Yamaha on many "pro" gigs. They have the features and quality you'd expect in a pro horn.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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