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Buffet 100 Series Comparison

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What are your thoughts on the Buffet 100 Series?

In particular, where would you place them compared against:
* Bundy
* Beaugnier
* Jupiter
* Yamaha

I am mainly interested in opinions about the alto.
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Re: Beaugnier. I don't know the 37s but if you can find a 38 Vito Duke, particularly with the curved bell brace, I think it might be a better instrument. The one I had was among the best playing horns I've owned. I guess one could include Noblet as well.

I have a Buffet 400 tenor and even after being smashed up a bit, it reveals how solidly built it is. AFIK, the 100 is the same horn without the frills.

All better instruments than the student Yamaha or Bundy.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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