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Buffet 100 Series Comparison

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What are your thoughts on the Buffet 100 Series?

In particular, where would you place them compared against:
* Bundy
* Beaugnier
* Jupiter
* Yamaha

I am mainly interested in opinions about the alto.
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Good horns. Having serviced and refurbished a half-dozen at this point...I would take a 100 over a YAS 23/25/275/280 any day.

Sounds better. Built well. Slicker under the fingers. No signs of any of the usual red flag aspects of cheap asian horns.

I would also say a Jupe is the equal of the Yama student horns. I suppose I'd take the 100 over the Jupes because tonally, the 100's are a bit richer-sounding. Tonally, the Jupes sound as good as a Yama. But the Buffet has a slight leg up on both.

When you talk about Bundy, specify ? A I or II ? The I is a basic second-shelf vintage horn....sounds great, built really well, but ergos/key response not too slick (but certainly navigable OK).
The II is sort of the same, but they attempted 'modern' keywork, which was only a partial success - IMHO didn't really 'improve' anything over the I's feel...just changed it a bit.

Beaugnier...again, what are we talking ? Something like a Vito 37 ? or a Duke ? They vary.
Generally a better horn feel/response-wise than the Bundys.
I like how most Beaugniers feel, their keywork is responsive and comfy. But some folks would insist on modern keywork (although if you are a beginner it is sort of a moot point - a vintage horn with good action/key design is no 'worse' than a modern one, ergonomically).
They also have a lotta Mojo as far as sound character and one's ability to flex notes and tonality; while most modern horns are designed more straight-arrow, sonically.

So....on the list you provided, a 100 is towards the top for sure, but depends somewhat on what sort of horn character you are inclined towards. If you 'don't know how to answer that yet', then a 100 would be a safe bet.

Also, remember....your decision may be influenced somewhat by the condition of each horn. One in fully, recently serviced shape (and guaranteed to be by seller) is gonna play better than one where the seller says something like "yeah, it plays OK" and is only willing to sell as-is, no warranty nor guarantee.

So a freshly-serviced, clean Bundy I in good a better $350 buy than a YAS 23 which 'plays OK' but hasn't been serviced in a few years....
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Re: Beaugnier. I don't know the 37s but if you can find a 38 Vito Duke, particularly with the curved bell brace, I think it might be a better instrument. The one I had was among the best playing horns I've owned. I guess one could include Noblet as well.

I have a Buffet 400 tenor and even after being smashed up a bit, it reveals how solidly built it is. AFIK, the 100 is the same horn without the frills.

All better instruments than the student Yamaha or Bundy.
Yes that was my point too, although I didn't express it clearly.

The top-shelf Beaugnier made horns are in an upper again if it IS something like a 38 or a Duke, or a Noblet which was above the Standard model, that'd be an exemplary horn.

The 37's I mentioned were the workhorses, no-frills but solid in every respect....and fall into the price range I am assuming the OP is discussing ($300-500ish).
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