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How well do Bueschers work with high baffle pieces? The reason I'm asking is that I'm planning to possibly do some rock stuff with some of my friends, and I'll probably get a high baffle open tipped metal piece. Also, I generally prefer a brighter, edgier sound on alto for jazz, and I might use a high baffle piece for this too. I really want to know more about how they work on earlier Bueschers (True-Tone, NA). Thanks. (btw if it doesn't work I'll just use my yama for rock stuff).

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Wow Dave, a 115 on ALTO? Do you bother with the keys at all or do you just lip everything?

I have a Meyer with an added baffle that works well... but in general I don't tend to get a "modern" sound out of my true-tone, even with baffled pieces... it tends to be very pure-sounding.


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Grumps said:
Tenor or alto? The altos are very mouthpiece friendly. A True Tone tenor however, might give you a hard time on the low end with a high baffled piece.
It really would help to specify tenor or alto.....

No problem on any of the Aristocrat tenors. Of course if you get a "pea shooter" mpc, it might sound shrill no matter what horn you're playing. I like both the Ponzol & RPC baffled mpcs on my Aristocrat tenors.

I have a TT alto and any decent mpc seems to work well on it.

edit: I just realized that an "alto for jazz" was referred to in the original post, so I guess we are speaking altos. My Buescher TT alto is definitely louder, when pushed, than a Yamaha Custom I had for a time. I'm not sure it is edgier, but far more flexible with more of a penetrating sound, not to mention a much better tone, than a Yamaha. No comparison there, really. I don't know about for "rock," but the TT would beat out the Yamaha in a blues setting for sure. With this caveat: I feel any decent sax will work for any type of music with the right mpc. It's more a matter of tone quality and flexibility that separates the wheat from the chaff.
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