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Buescher Super 400 - early 55's ... worth the buy ?

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Some people say the quality of the super 400 went down.
Others say , it still sounds great and is a poor man's TH&C, with same body, Bell and Neck measures, norton springs and pads...

what would you say? Worth paying 700U$ for one in need of an overhaul?
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I love my Super 400 tenor. Like, LOVE it. But, let's make sure we're talking about the same horn. I mean the earliest "Super 400" with "Super 400" horizontally across the top of the bell and "Buescher" running vertically down the bell. I'm specifically not talking about the 400 with the flowery engraving on the bell.

If we're talking about the same horn - buy it. It's not a "poor man's TH&C," it is a TH&C without the engraving. All of the features remain (except the engraving a silver raised logo). I've played my Super 400 against several TH&Cs and ALWAYS my Super 400 smokes them. HUGE (YUGE!) sound. Bright-ish. Capable of some super sexy smoky ballads, too. Simply the most fun tenor I've ever played. Seriously underrated because the TH&C snatches up all the attention. These earliest "Supers" are no. joke.
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