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Buescher Super 400 - early 55's ... worth the buy ?

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Some people say the quality of the super 400 went down.
Others say , it still sounds great and is a poor man's TH&C, with same body, Bell and Neck measures, norton springs and pads...

what would you say? Worth paying 700U$ for one in need of an overhaul?
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a full overhaul, FULL ! everything, kork, pads, cleaning, adjustment. Was in the case full of dust for quite a while. Side mechanism for E is bent, small dent near engraving, reparable. Plus shipping to Europe (200U$?) and I'd guess another 800U$ overhaul on it... we are already by 1,700U$
I'm no expert, but $1700 seems a bit high for a Super 400. I've seen Big B's in good shape selling in that range, and TH&Cs in need of an overhaul for not much more.

And wasn't the Super 400 introduced in '59?
sure, for US, Canada residents it is cheaper to buy... but in Europe getting a US Vintage for less than that... overhauled... is not possible I think.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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