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Recently on ebay I came across a Buescher Aristocrat with the serial 177982. I'm pretty sure this places it around the mid 20's.

Wierdly enough, this saxophone doesn't have the usual engraving I'm used to seeing. It has a logo a bit more like this.

Would anybody be able to tell me if this is legit?


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Your serial number dating is wrong for this horn. The number doesn't jive with the model/vintage. Additionally, the Aristocrat didn't come out until 1932, so it would have been a True Tone model c. 1920's.

If the logo is indeed like the image in your post, what you are seeing is a post 1964/65 Selmer buyout Buescher, which by this time relegated the formerly pro model Buescher owned Aristocrat to a student line for Selmer U.S.A. It is likely a late 1960's/1970's era, horn. Definitely of the student variety the closer you get to 1970 and beyond.

Don't even bother with it, if you had intentions of owning a pro model Aristocrat from the good era (1950's and earlier) of the Buescher owned company that so many write about. Not even the same breed of cat.

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It's legit - but more like 60's or 70's
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