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Buescher baritone key guards

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I have observed that True-Tone and Aristocrat baritones had a "wire"-style key guard for the low B natural, which makes sense seeing as the key is on the left side of the instrument. However, I have never seen a Big B baritone with key guards, nor do I believe they ever had them.

My question is simply: Why is this so? I really could use them on my Big B, especially while standing during playing. Any thoughts?
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I'll post a couple pictures here when I am done.
Not cleaned up yet, but you get the idea.

The original plan was slightly different, but in order to get the C#, B, Bb keys out it ended up like this. Didn't end up using the parts Martinmods made because of the new plan, but the "acorn" rods were pretty easy to make.

Hopefully looks like it could have come from the factory this way- this is basically how a Big B tenor pantsguard looks.

In order to remove keys, the C# must be unscrewed and the key moved out of the way, and then the low Bb/B rod can come out, then the Bb and B can be removed, then the low C#.

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