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Buescher baritone key guards

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I have observed that True-Tone and Aristocrat baritones had a "wire"-style key guard for the low B natural, which makes sense seeing as the key is on the left side of the instrument. However, I have never seen a Big B baritone with key guards, nor do I believe they ever had them.

My question is simply: Why is this so? I really could use them on my Big B, especially while standing during playing. Any thoughts?
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Are you talking about key guards or a pants guard? They all came with key guards covering the key cups on the lower keys (Eb1/2 to Bb1), but only a few have an actual pants guard covering the rest of the mechanism. The pants guard is the bit that protects the rods from the spatula down to the bell keys and then connects to the key guards on the bell. It's curious omission that I can only attribute to cost avoidance during manufacture.

You are correct. I do actually mean the pants guards, not key guards! I will send you my email soon.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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