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Hi everyone. I was hoping I could get some help identifying and getting a rough value for my sax.

A little background ... It was handed down to me by my grandfather when I was starting band in elementary school and I played it up until I was 16. That was 20 years ago ... since then it has been kept in warm storage and has only been taken out of its case a couple of times. We recently did a big move and are in the process of downsizing. Without having anyone to hand it down to and no other family interested, I'm afraid I need to let it go.

It's a Buescher Aristocrat S-40 Tenor ... but I dont think the serial # matches up.

The serial # is 111731 which would place it the 1922-1923 range (which Im fairly sure it's not) and the most similar looking sax I've found on the web was a 1960 model.

I had found an old forum post regarding a similar issue with a Buescher Alto where it was stamped 111XXX ... a few of the members commented that during the Selmer buy-out there had been reports of these type of serial # mix-ups.

So, was there anyone that could shed some more light on this sax? Maybe give a little more clarity on the serial #? What would be a ball-park value and where would be my best bet for trying to sell it?

To speak for its condition, it has some scratches but no dings or dents. Over the years I played, it was given routine maintenance and cleaning (a pad replacement as well as the cork is all that comes to mind) ... I have not attempted to play it since.

Thanks for your time and I appreciate any feedback.


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If you can ascertain how playable it is it would help give us a better idea.

In good playing shape, these are worth around $400-500; as project horns, perhaps $200. If we assume yours doesn't play up and down, it is probably fair to ask between $300-350 for it.

Not bad horns, as noted above not the 'classic',. more valuable Aristocrats of Pre-Selmer days...but nevertheless a solid old player.
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