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my first post on sotw...

i own a SML RevD, silver plate (not much silver left). I previously owned a 400, but one of the newer ones after Selmer USA took over. I played a TH&C 400 in a store in NYC a couple of years ago, when i was looking for a new horn (ended up with the SML which i found here in sydney).

I love the SML, for its loud, balls and all sound. works beautifully with my 7* link, which is the mouthpiece i tried out on the TH&C and used with the 400 i used to own. The SML and the TH&C were both horns i was considering, among others to upgrade from my 400.

I was particularly interested in how these horns played in the altissimo, and the SML was definitely easier to pitch the high notes, and to hold them and wail. i also found the overall sound a bit richer, and more suited to my playing. it was also louder, which i liked.

i reckon with old horns, it probably has as much to do with how they are set up, and how they have been looked after. they are both very cool horns.
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