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Buescher 1927 Truetone alto

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Hi Everyone.I am restoring a goldplate alto. I would like to ask the learned a couple of questions.The body tube is matt gold and the rings on the bell by the neck and base are burnished gold so to is the emblem on the bell. All the keys and cups are lacquer is this correctfor the year.The lifter arm that opens the palm key when you play top F is missing completly just the posts on the tube.Seems strange that it is missing,I have all the original paper work, hand book and guarantee card.It says it is a 120 model with a J finish and serial number can someone help. racer.
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The keys should be gold plated also. That front F that is missing could be relpaced by the arm and pearl from a donor horn. These are quite good horns and much better than the earlier models.
I really doubt that the cups are lacquered unless they did it over the gold plating. It should be brass material with silver plating with gold plating over the silver. The body should be sating with the rings, inside bell, engraving and keywork polished. Later in the weekend I will be posting one for sale but in the meantime look here:[email protected]/tags/buegoldalto/
It depends on which Imperial you have. It would be equal (just different) form an early Imp (low 100,000) but better than a newer one (250,xxx+).
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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