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My family and I move to Brisbane 4th November tho I fly this saturday. I'm 41, a career engineer and been playing for 7 years. I restore and service my own horns.
I mostly play tenor, rate Charlie Parker and John Coltrane as it.
I'd like a teacher to help me learn some of their stuff and help me on my journey.
Coltranes "Blues to Elvin" is my fav.
A suitable teacher or like minds near Wynnum?
Thanks in advance

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Welcome Craig.

You missed Bondi by a few thousand kilometres but never mind. :D

There's some great teachers up that way and some good "jazz oriented" community bands too. I'll search the memory bank and see if I cn come up with a few contacts for you to look up.

It's funny how, as soon as the World Cup semi final looms near, all you Kiwis want to defect to the winning side. :shock: :D ;)

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I think it's something pro soccer (football) players wear for those penalty kicks.
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