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brilhart piece?

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hi guys new user to the forum but would love some help. i just purchased a 66 mark VI tenor and in the case were several mouthpieces the otto link and the dukoff i know about but there are two arnold brillhart metal ones in there both with some sort of replaceable tooth plate that are shaped kind of like an "L" any info on these things i played through them and hated them worth anything on ebay mabey?

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You have the original style Level-aire. Should bring some good money. Post the details like openings.
thanks #'s

well thanks guys although it does make me feel bad that i dont like them lol. just some more info if anyone was intrested the only numbers i can find on it is (serial number?)103070 then a space and (facing?) 5 so i am just assuming that it is a 5 facing thats the same on both and theres not much variance in the other numbers so i assume they are close to the same age
as said before all help is greatly appreciated dont know much about any other pieces besides the ones i use
Your piece was made on 10-30-1970, and is a 5 tip.
You should easily be able to get anywhere from 60.00 to 90.00 for them....(each, that is....)....

I play those Brilhart 5*'s...they work for me, but I've known people who don't care for them....

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