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Just wanted to share my impressions with you :)

I had a Personaline S4 (Made in England) refaced by Phil a couple of months ago. Firstly, Phil is a great guy to deal with - Light speed response to emails, very kind and always willing to answer all kinds of questions concerning the reface.

The whole process (including shipping from Germany to France and vice versa) took around 14 days and the price was absolutely fair. The quality of craftmanship is great and the Brilhart had instantly become my main mouthpiece. It plays very easy and evenly across the whole scale and i really love the sound. Phil opened it up a little, took out all unevenness and changed the bite plate.

Funny fact, when i first tested the refaced mouthpiece, some random stranger was ringing my doorbell, asking whether he could book me for a gig.
It might be a coincidence, but playing is much about confidence and in this respect i`m pretty sure the new MPC played its role that day ;)

So, i would especially encourage all european SOTW-members to give Phil a go, when considering a reface!
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