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these...BOTH... are at the top of my favorites list....

and to make it clear the ebolins and tonalins are not!!!

i just cant get any projection out of them..even though the tonalin has a real nice thing to it...and my friends sound great on them!!

ive has a HR brilhart for about a year now and love it(reface by sakshama)
ive got a HR personaline that is taking its time finding its way to me.....
..meantime i couldnt wait!! and got a tonalin personaline S5...original,untouched yay!! it is big enough for me!! feels great,and has a wonderful blow to it. I am now finally selling my Steve Broadus and Tonalin Brilhart because the tonalin gives me what i wanted....a special sound,with enough punch to play with a band....i was holding on to the mentioned 2 because they sounded great...but only in my living room....

ive got extremely high hopes for the HR personaline,and will update when it arrives

...and if you can get your hands on an original vintage 1 screw brilhart lig,they are a great match...sounds excellent on my slant sig as well.....
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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