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I use a Hard rubber Personaline 'Slant' S5 and it sure is a killer piece.
It has the large chamber with scooped out side walls and huge dark tone
but with a bite and great projection. It is a little reed finnicky however.
I tried several nice Personalines plastic and hr in the past years but this one beats them all
in flexibility and character. The tone sure has the characteristics of a darker Link (although
I have never played a vintage Slant Link but I did try the New Vintage Slant). The Personaline
having a more focussed tone to cut through.

I would not rule out the Ebolins though. The few I kept are great playing and sounding too
with enough projection to my liking. And I also play lots of R&B with them.

Another 'Brilhart' I love and use frequently is not a real Brilhart at all
but a Steamersound Pres mouthpiece. A sort of hybrid between an Ebolin and a metal mouthpiece
with a huge warm sound that is aimed to get you in the smooth sounding Lester Young territory. And it does for sure.
Although it is great growler for R&B too with a nice bright edge on top.
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