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Brilhart anomaly?

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Just got an alto Brilhart HR in new condition, serial# 67k.
Stamped hard rubber on the shank. The unexpected thing about it is that the
chamber is not rounded as other HR Brilharts are, but has the sidewalls similar to, but not exactly like a tonalin. Definitely made of HR.
This is not listed on
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Could it be a hard rubber Personaline model? Two versions of these were made according to Theos website.

How does it play?
I'm certain that it's not a personaline.
Haven't played it much yet, but for the little I did, it was outstanding.
It's the same shape as the other HR models, but has the sidewalls like a tonalin. Never seen that before, or read that it was a production model.
Anybody else know if this is a usual production model?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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