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Brian Powell's work.

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Man, I have to say, I am very impressed with this guy. I sent him 3 pieces a few months ago just to see what he could with them. They all came back great. So then I sent him 4 more. All pieces you can hear on my website. All great pieces but I thought maybe they could be better. I sent him a supposed Theo Wanne link that I put my own baffle in(I say supposed because I got it on ebay and the seller had no proof. Once I received it the work didn't look like other pieces I've owned that Theo had done) I sent Brian a JVW EB Link. I sent him a Freddie Gregory refaced EB alto link and also an alto link that had been refaced by John Reilly(again I bought this on ebay and that's what the seller told me) All 4 of these pieces are some of the best pieces I've played since starting up this hobby of playing mouthpieces. The JVW link played nice but had no guts. I couldn't really dig in with it. the Link I put my baffle in I know had facing curve issues because of the way reeds would respond on it(another reason I think maybe it's not Theo's work) The FG alto piece was killer when I found a good reed but I had to go through a whole box to find one. It was a pain. The Reilly alto link played great but I felt it was too bright for me.
I received the pieces back today and tried them all and was amazed. Everyone plays terrific. I mean perfect. I just slapped a 2 1/2 Java on each one and Bam I loved them. I played the metal link first and couldn't stop playing it for about an hour. I was kind of afraid to play the JVW link. I was afraid it would stink or be worse and I was kind of dreading it. When I finally played it it too was killer. I mean you have to understand that I thought this piece was killer before and now is like 100% even more killer for me. I posted a clip of it on my site. It's one of the few clips that I've done that I'm digging the sound of as I listen to it.(some of my playing bothers me but.......) The alto pieces are also terrific. I asked Brian to make them exactly like the Meyer G he did for me. I knew that with the bigger link chambers they would be exactly what I was looking for. The Reilly alto link piece is still brighter than I like but I still dig it a lot.
Well, I'm very greatful to Brian for doing these pieces for me and I consider it money well spent. I just wanted to share my experiences with you fellow SOTW folk. Steve
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While I'm think of it, the other cool thing about Brian is he sends you an invoice with the before measurements and the after measurements. You can see exactly what he did and ask questions if you want. I like that. He helps you understand a bit more of the science of the whole thing which is cool.:)
Did you have specific ideas of what you wanted or just told him to make them magical?
Yes. I wrote him a nice letter explaining what I was looking for. It helped that I had him do some work before. The alto piece I wanted with the exact same facing as the Meyer G he did for me which I love because I haven't found a reed that doesn't work on it yet. The JVW link I just asked if he could give some guts to but leave the tip around .105. He faced it down, re-opened it and recut the curve which I think gave it a bit more baffle. It worked. The metal link I knew need work so I just asked him to leave the baffle and tip alone because I dug the sound I just thought it could speak easier with a better facing curve. It does. I didn't ask him to darken the one alto link because I sent him two because I wanted one brighter than the other. I wouldn't say it's magic but more science and art on Brians part. It feels like magic to me though since I don't know how these guys can work these things to such detail.:D
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