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Brian Powell is Da Man!

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In addition to a beautiful job fixing my doggie chewed Morgan Excalibur, I sent a Vintage Style Soloist tenor piece to him for a reface. The piece was OK but I felt there was much more in it.

Brian opened it to .100 and corrected some problems with the curve. I believe he also flattened the table. When I first got it back, I was impressed but not overwhelmed. Knowing his reputation, however, I gave the piece its due time and it has turned into a monster; especially on my French Vito. I still haven't made friends with it on my Chu but it seems to be the perfect piece for the Vito. Lots of complexity and depth and, when I need it, some great growl. I wish the beak were thinner because I love the comfort of my Excalibur, but I am beginning to prefer the tone of the Selmer.

Of course the work is flawless. I highly recommend Brian.
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I concur on Brian Powell. I have sent him a total of 3 Brilhart Personalines for refacing. I am awaiting with much anticipation on getting back the last two I sent him. He is an outstanding craftsman.
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