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Brian Powell is Da Man!

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In addition to a beautiful job fixing my doggie chewed Morgan Excalibur, I sent a Vintage Style Soloist tenor piece to him for a reface. The piece was OK but I felt there was much more in it.

Brian opened it to .100 and corrected some problems with the curve. I believe he also flattened the table. When I first got it back, I was impressed but not overwhelmed. Knowing his reputation, however, I gave the piece its due time and it has turned into a monster; especially on my French Vito. I still haven't made friends with it on my Chu but it seems to be the perfect piece for the Vito. Lots of complexity and depth and, when I need it, some great growl. I wish the beak were thinner because I love the comfort of my Excalibur, but I am beginning to prefer the tone of the Selmer.

Of course the work is flawless. I highly recommend Brian.
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After a slow period, I was finally able to use the Selmer on a gig. I know I have said this before, but I may have found my setup. Pre gig, I went back and forth between the Soloist and my Link. On either one of my horns, the Selmer had the power that the Link had but more depth and complexity. To avoid temptation to switch on the gig, I left the Link home and did the entire gig on the Soloist. It really sounded great and was very easy to play. Since I have been practicing on it and adjusting to it, I am able to get great results on either of my horns. It fought me a little on the Chu at first, but now it plays with no problem. I may be selling my other pieces and looking for another Soloist for Brian to work on.
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