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Just to sum it up for the BM fanatics (like me)....
According to my little research Branford went from a regular straight neck Mark VI which he claimed was bought new in 1977 over the mail with Bari HR 64. This setup was used in Wynton's CDs as well as early Sting collaborations (Bring on The Night, Nothing like The Sun period).
Around 1987 he seems to have started using the "modified" silver Mark VI with Bari MPC. He seemed to have switched to the Branford Marsalis Guardala MPC around 1991 till I guess 2002 (Footsteps of our fathers), then switched to Selmer S80 D.
For the past few years he seems to be playing mainly on a Yamaha 82Z Custom (on which he recorded the latest album "Four MF's playin' tunes") or a 82ZR Custom (I guess when he has bend neck nostalgia), still with the Selmer S80 D and Vandoren clarinet reeds.
Having said that... I think he would sound great on whatever setup he uses.
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