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I can confirm that. In a conversation (years ago while I was a student at Berklee) Emilio told me that he set-up Branford with the Mark VI soprano in question. It had been modified with an aftermarket bend in the "neck"... It was not a one-off or experiment by Selmer. A previous owner had this job done - it required having the octave mechanism modified and re-soldered... The horn had found it's way back to Rayburn music, and was for-sale. Emilio said he "gave" it to Branford b/c he liked him, and thought he would make good use of it. Guess Emilio was right!?!?!? I love Branford's soprano playing...
Hi Adam,
So you meant that Emilio did the bending?
This is interesting. I sent an email to Rayburn Musica few months ago asking if Emilion can do a similar thing to my VI sop.
The manager (and whoever thast was) replied to me that Emilio canNOT bend the neck and that Branford's VI sop neck wasn't bent by him.
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