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That horn is lovely! I bought a 1924 Conn C-mel earlier this year, but it doesn’t look new like yours does - sincere congratulations.

There seem to be very different opinions about mouthpieces depending on how you want the C-mel to sound.

Personally I like the old-fashioned, quiet, lyrical 1920’s type sound, so I am using an old Conn C-melody mouthpiece that has not been opened up. But it took me a while to get used to - it feels quite different to my other saxes. It is very easy to blow too hard and close the reed. No way can I play it loud.

But if you want a more tenor-like sound or a more versatile instrument, then you will want a different sort of mouthpiece entirely, such as the Morgan. I tried a plastic FAXX, but didn’t like it.

You can also use a standard alto or tenor mouthpiece, but you may experience intonation problems.
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