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Congratulations: it's a beauty. It looks just like my 1923 Conn, but a lot cleaner and prettier.

Now, have you the right mouthpiece to go with it ? The original mouthpiece will probably need opening up, if you decide to stick with that.

Otherwise you have several choices, all of which are made of hard rubber and use tenor reeds (as they should, seeing the C-melody is really a tenor sax in C). Off the top of my head, there's a Morgan C-melody 'piece, available from JunkDude, which is the one I use. Then there's a cheaper one, branded FAXX, which you'll find on the internet. I have one of these; it's fine, but I prefer the Morgan.

The one which really interests me, though, is the following, which I've only seen in an internet advert. Saxquest in St. Louis, MO, have recently put out a new-design C-Melody 'piece, made for them by Eric Falcon. The description makes me want to buy one straight away. Here's the link to the page:

If you go for this one, please give us a review !
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