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Some time in the 1920's, A jazz musician from Bowling Green KY named Charley purchased a new Conn C-Melody Saxophone.
Charley was a clarinet player, but occasionally doubled on sax.
Charley also apparently took good care of his instruments, weather he used them or not.
The C-Melody was one of those in his collection that did not get a lot of play time.
It mostly sat in a case.

30 years later...
Charley retires from playing jazz and the near mint Conn is put in the case for a very long rest.

60 years later...
RIP Charley my friend.
His granddaughter decides to put Charley's old stuff on eBay. Make an offer! Hey, I'm just a couple hours away and already have a sweet 1922 Conn alto, so offer made, it's mine.

No way is this thing playable. I tried to check fit of a tenor mpc and the cork crumble like a cookie.
I mean really like turned to dust. Time to make a trip to Nashville.

Last week at Band Room Repair in Nashville...
Roo pads good, but no plastic resonators. No rush. Take your time. Do a good job.
"These are the original pads", I am informed. Wow.

Unfreakinbelieveable! The tech acted like this was the coolest thing he has done in a long time.
I open the (unoriginal) case and there is what appears to be a BRAND NEW 1921 Conn straight neck C-Melody. (0.0)
Had a bit of a nice adventure on my way home too, but that is another story.

There are a few very minor imperfections on the lower bell. Hardly noticeable. It plays perfect.
The only place there are signs of wear in the plating are under the thumb rest.
My alto now has a big brother.

Last note...
I know CM Saxes are not high demand, but I have my reasons for wanting one.
I just never thought I would find one like this.

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Thanks for the kind replies.
I asked the name of the original owner and with it got a few dear old grandpa stories. That is why I know the history of this horn.

As for the mouthpiece, For now I am using one I found on eBay sold by gocatmusicsales. It uses an alto reed. Opening is .068. Using a 2.5. Not bad actually for the price.

Here is the one that was in the case. Have no idea what it is and have not yet tried it. Again, uses an alto reed.
Drinkware Liquid Fluid Barware Water

As I am not currently playing pro, I will probably not be purchasing an expensive mpc, but will keep my eyes open for a good vintage one.
Appreciate the suggestions though and will check them out.
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