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Brand Engraved On The Bell!

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Do any of these saxes (and any other popular brand I may have missed) have their brand engraved on the bell?

J. Michael
Trevor James
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:? Yes, but its proper engraving almost like its stamped, not like the knock off chinese selmers where its thinly laser engraved and very cheap you need that to tell you its not the real deal anyway...

Elkhart is not a brand by the way, its a place:)

Dont know "J Michael" at all?

Why do you ask?
haduran said:
Sad but true its now also the brand name for a line of Taiwanese instruments.
Really? Well I suppose if Mauriat can get away with "Paris" engraved on their high end taiwan made horns it shouldnt suprise me. That on its own is reason enough for me to not consider buying one.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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