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Bought one of these a couple years ago but the shank bore was too small for the neck cork. I was really digging my bari mouthpiece then and still am (1975 Level Air) so I decided to sell the brand new Brancher but had no luck, even at give-away prices.
I have a Chinese bari which is a Yani clone so I ordered a neck just like the original one. Got the neck and fitted the cork to the Brancher and basically put it away. Finally decided to try it out today and the bottom line is, its like someone up there was looking out for me because that is a great mouthpiece. I still like the Level Air but I have a gig Saturday nite and the alternate set-up is in the case with the regular so I can try it out under real conditions.
BTW, the cheap neck is fine and plays just like the original. What I like about the Brancher is it plays easily with the same reed I use on the slightly smaller Brilhart (Hartmann 'Hemp', medium) and puts out a sweet tone with more 'zing' on it. I think the Level Air has a little more depth on the low end but the Brancher low notes are by no means thin. You know that warm but penetrating bari sound like on the MoTown records, warm and fuzzy? You could get that with the Brancher. I'll keep it in case I get a section gig (big band) or just to have an alternate set-up for kicks.
I switched back and forth many times today and tried several kinds of reeds. It really liked regular RICO #3 but I can't really use cane on it on most of my gigs because I only use it about 30% of the numbers and the reed would probably dry out.
Anyway thanks for not buying it when I had it listed here. I've played a lot of mouthpieces since I got the new horn and the Brancher is overall the best I have played - really, the best baritone mouthpiece I've ever played although that Level Air is a great one too.
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