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Bought on a Whim - Can anyone Advise ?

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(Cross referenced in case it wasn't a King)

I noticed the following on eBay a few days ago: -

I sniped a bid, chancing a gamble that this might be something nice, then low and behold found that I had won it this evening.

The photo's are rather poor, but I wonder if anyone can identify it?

Once it arrives, then I will take some better photo's.

At 28" surely this is an alto.

Any advice would be welcome.

Many Thanks.
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milandro said:
e-bay page doesn't load
Real strange that, it did, hopefully this will link: -

Hopefully this works OK. Thanks
Here's a better link and a pic:

From the pictures, I can't tell what brand it is, but it definately looks like an alto. And what's with the red touches? Kind'a different, but a good looking horn.

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Indian POS. The red keytouches give it away. Might make a good lamp. Definitely not baritone.

unfortunately, you've been the victim of a con or somebody who was unaware of how much of a fake this crap fake alto is.
Somebody really ought to go to India and find this factory and ask them what they are trying to accomplish with these things. If the desire to make a decent instrument is there, somebody should give them a clue on how to copy a decent instrument. All the work that goes into a SSO with nothing to show for it is pretty sad IMHO.
Yes my friend, get yourself a basket and a King Cobra, because you've bought yourself a snake charmer. Sorry to hear you have been taken. :(
Thank you all, I have written to the seller advising him to read this link and have offered to pay his listing fees and withdraw from the sale.

This seller seems honourable and I hope that he will do the right thing.

Thanks everyone for saving me from buying a lemon.
Lemon doesn't even come close. Maybe a moldy samosa.
Judging by the carefully chosen angles either the seller knows nothing about saxes, or does.
Despite three emails, it appears that the seller will not reply to them, yet knowing the information I have provided to him that the sax is a piece of Junk, he has re-listed it again, with identical description.

I tried to call him but his telephone number is not receiving calls.

Well there is not a lot more I can do now, I'm just grateful that everyone helped me out on here.

Now about that long lost very rare Selmer :D :D :D
He probably has a load of these things. I see some for sale in the UK but many are listed in India. They usually sell for less than $10 US with the shipping being over $100 US. They also produce a cheap herald trumpet, albert system clarinet in C and some Eb flutes with 4 or 5 keys.
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