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Bossa Novas

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I've been listening to Cannonball and Getz all day!!! All Bossa Novas!!!!!!!! I just love to listen to them and play them. It's the best beat ever invented!!!!!!! Am I the only one that loves them? or am I just a late bloomer as to how cool they are!!!!

When I hear them I picture breezy summer nights by the beach sipping cocktails with a beautiful woman. It would be cool to play a whole gig and do nothing but Bossa Novas all night no matter what!!!!
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hgiles said:
Isn't that tune the same one as
"A Day in the Life of a Fool" AKA "Black Orpheus"???

How a tune came to be known with three different titles is beyond me.
Black Orpheus is the name of the movie it was originally featured in. It's the Orpheus legend set in Brazil during Carnival. Manha de Carnival is probably the Portugese (Brazillian) name for the tune, A Day in the life of a Fool is probably the English name for the tune.
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